How much does it cost to hire Sophia?

Prices vary depending on a number of factors including location, performance, set lengths etc.

To obtain a quote, please contact Sophia providing as much information about your event as possible

(date of event, event type, address of venue, time required)



How do I book Sophia?

To confirm bookings, a 50% non refundable booking fee is required via bank transfer to secure the date.

The remainder of the fee should be settled via bank transfer 6 weeks before the event.



Where is Sophia based and how far does she travel?

Sophia is based in Cheshire and performs nationwide and internationally.



How long does Sophia play for?

Typical set times at drink receptions/wedding breakfasts are 2 x 35 minute sets over a 1.5 hour period.

Sophia will also provide background music through her speaker during her short break in between sets.


For evening receptions playing alongside DJs, Sophia usually improvises in short bursts over a 1 hour period;

on for 3-4 tracks, break for a couple of songs before going on again over the 1 hour period.



What styles of music does Sophia play?

Sophia plays across a wide variety of genres including:

soul, blues, jazz, popular, Ibiza chillout, house, dance and commercial music.

You can view Sophia’s current repertoire.

Sophia is happy to learn up to 5 requests in advance, providing she is told of these 6 weeks before the event and they are doable for saxophone.



Does Sophia provide her own PA/sound system?

Sophia can provide her own speaker for events up to 150 guests.

For both large scale events and international bookings, Sophia requires an AV company to provide a suitable PA system and a sound engineer must be present to monitor the sound levels throughout the performance.



What are Sophia's technical requirements and how much space soes she require whilst performing?

For drink receptions/wedding breakfasts Sophia requires access to a standard UK 240V main power supply and a parking space close to the venue's entrance for unloading equipment.


To play freely, Sophia will require a performance space of approximately 3m x 3m.

Sophia can perform outside if the performance area is sheltered from direct sunlight and potential rain.

The sheltered area must also be big enough to cover Sophia, her instrument and PA system.

She would also require access to an extension lead/standard UK 240V main power supply.


For bookings alongside DJs, clients must firstly check with their DJ:

1) If they have a spare microphone input/channel on their mixing desk/controller, for Sophia to plug her wireless microphone into, via her XLR lead, or twin phono, or jack lead to be heard through their PA system?


2) If Sophia can bring the tracks on her USB stick for them to play directly from their laptop/controller, or Sophia can send them a link to a dropbox folder/wetransfer for them to download the tracks in advance?



Does Sophia have Public Liability Insurance and PAT Testing?

Sophia has Public Liability cover up to £1,000,000.

All of Sophia's equipment is PAT tested.

Certificates are available upon request.



How long does it take for Sophia to set up?

For performances at drink receptions/wedding breakfasts Sophia usually arrives 1 hour before her set, to set up and sound check.


For sets alongside a DJ, Sophia aims to arrive 30 minutes before her set time.

She will need to plug in her wireless microphone into a spare microphone input/channel on the DJ's mixing desk/controller to be heard through their PA System.



Can I see Sophia perform live?

Sophia mainly performs at private events.

You can view and listen to Sophia's promotional material here:


Follow Sophia:



Does Sophia require refreshments?

Sophia kindly asks to be provided with still bottled water whilst performing.

If Sophia is required at a venue for over a 3 hour period, she kindly asks that a hot meal is provided.



Does Sophia need changing facilities?

Sophia requires a suitable changing area and room to securely store belongings.

Any room with a mirror, lighting, and a locked door is sufficient.

(Conference rooms, hotel bedrooms, offices are all acceptable providing they have a lock and lighting)